In Response to the Response of Nick Rhodes’s Response

We get it.


So important, in fact, that your ruined Friday night really makes me feel for you. I’ve never been so embarrassed to be a fan of this band in my life until two days ago when the backlash began. I was lucky enough to see Duran^2 for a third time on August 24th in Connecticut, about a two hour drive south of my hometown in Boston. The band seemed in tip-top shape, ripping their way through the classics from Rio and the new dance tracks from All You Need is Now. Turns out, the band wasn’t in tip-top shape. Simon roared as smooth as butter, and Roger’s drumming was on point. John made all the girls wet in their panties during his bass solos, and the supporting members were giving it their all. Nick Rhodes, however, their lusciously fabulous (and oddly heterosexual) keyboardist was at the brink of exhaustion, which he succumbed to hours later.

The result has been two cancelled show dates in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Doctor’s orders.

The response from certain fans has been disgusting.

As a whole, I’d say the support for Nick has been endless, but there have been quite a few jagged rocks sticking out from cool waters. On Twitter, Facebook and (to a lesser extent) Tumblr, there has been a pathetic showing of egoism. Let’s take a look at this one:

This is the worst type of fan, so let’s break it down. You traveled 1,000 miles to be at a Duran Duran show. You are truly the superest of super-de-dooper fans. You paid for the VIP tickets so you could really let loose and have a good time! AWESOME. In all actuality, you must be a pretty intense fan, but somewhere along the way, you became entitled. Firstly, you paid VIP and traveled 1,000 miles to hang out in New Jersey? Really? Embarrassing choices aside, why would you risk it? This is live entertainment, where anything can happen. Even nothing. While it totally sucks that you ended up stranded in Atlantic City without the beautiful boys to comfort your sorry ass, but do you really think you’re so important as to malign a core member’s health? So you can get drunk at a concert?

This post really annoys me. As if the arrogance above, now we have flat out ignorance. This man is not Anna Ross, who, though fabulous and lovely, could be replaced with another background singer. This is Nick Rhodes, who controls almost the entire show and its pacing. He is an essential part of the Duran Duran sound. You’d have probably whined if he didn’t show up and the music sounded off. On behalf of all decent human beings: suck it. Probably the kind of fan who doesn’t really know anything about the band. A band is a unit. Have you ever seen the shows where John Taylor unexpected walked out? Let’s say it wasn’t pretty. Learn before you open your mouth …er… use a keyboard.

This post, however, makes me smile:

And I hope they take it to heart.

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~ by duranduraddict on August 27, 2012.

28 Responses to “In Response to the Response of Nick Rhodes’s Response”

  1. Some of the comments I read on facebook were kind of appalling. I mean, I can understand being disappointed, especially if you traveled a long way and dropped a bunch of money, but it’s the health of one of the members that’s at stake here. It’s not like one of them decided to be a little diva and that they wouldn’t go on for petty reasons, it’s for their health that they cancelled shows. What I hate about some fans (this goes for any artist) is that they act like little leeches, forgetting that these artists are normal, real people underneath their fame. They aren’t in a good mood all the time. They do get exhausted. They do have to cancel shows and ‘let people down’.

    And idk. Do they think it was an easy decision for DD to make? Of course they hate disappointing their fans, of course they didn’t want to, but what would these fans have DD do? Risk Nick’s life? Because then, you know, if he got more seriously hurt, more fans would be bitching because he’d have to miss even MORE shows.

    Sometimes I really hate people

  2. AMEN!!! Nick is basically the central nervous system of Duran Duran. I’ve been horrified to read some of the comments on Twitter. But you know what? Karma is a bitch.

  3. I had tickets for the show in Pittsburgh. I am not at all upset with the band for having to cancel. There is no way that they could replace Nick, it just wouldn’t be the same. I just hope that when he is better, we get a date rescheduled. I will be waiting! Take care! XOXO

  4. Nick Rhodes is a person very professional,always attentive with the fans,if cancel shows,is because no to be well,I stay very sad with persons who say who is fan,and no preoccupy with the health of members of band,this persons,no are fans.

  5. well said, some of the responses have ledt me disgusted. Some “fans” expecting to be reimbursed for their out of pocket expenses. Love to Nick and all the band. YOur health and well being will always come 1st. That way u can continue to entertain us for many many years to come

  6. Seriously though if u dont get the shows rescheduled. What is more important ur time and out of pocket expenses, which are always at ur own risk!!! OR the long term health or a beloved band member

  7. My God what the hell is wrong with people!! Have they no empathy…yet they want all the sympathy. Disgusting to call them fans, they are loosers through and through!

  8. Hi great blog. I was there in Atlantic City for the Duran. Yes I was disappointed at first. Yes I was crushed. This was the only show I was doing that wasnt, the promo tour. But Dom, Anna, Simon W., and Mr SLB, came down to the bar a bunchh of us were at. They hung out for awhile. They really cool about it. And u could tell they were disappointed them selves.
    Thank you
    Please remember if something tragic happens to him that will be the true end of DD.
    Im a long time fan nd want to continue seeing (All) of them play live.

  9. i love you for this. we went up to the show in Pittsburgh really early yesterday and yes, the show was cancelled. So what??!! Nick is really sick. These people that bitch and moan about the travel and everything else suck. we drove 2 hours with our almost 2 year old daughter (it would have been her 1st concert) and nobody complained. we took the extra time to take in some sights and got a bit to eat. we used it as a positive outing instead of bitching, oh crap, we spent money for gas and wasted all that time driving, we tried to make something positive out of it. So you traveled to a new city. Soak up some of the local shit, shut up and wish Nick well. Oh and for those asshats that claim nick can be replaced – they should be banned from attending any concerts. They have no clue!!!

  10. People really piss me off sometimes and this is one of those times! Nick can NEVER be replaced!!! I have been a fan since the early 80’s and I think they are better than ever! Nick is my fave, but I love all the guys and want them healthy. Nick needs to focus on resting, not hearing about people that are truly selfish. I am truly embarrassed that people are acting like jerks!! Rest up, beautiful Nick……ignore the selfish people. xoxo

  11. They have been playing for nearly 2 years on the road and it would take a toll on anybody. Fans need to be understanding and chill out. I finally got tix to see them at AC for my birthday, and have never been more excited to go to a concert in my entire LIFE! I have been a fan since 1985 and this was going to be my very first time to see them. Drove 4 hours just to have my heart broken. Despite my sad dissapointment I understood and got hold grudges. If you are one of the many lucky fans that have had an opportunity to see them at least once then you have no idea the frustration some of us felt when told that Nick was sick and they couldn’t go on. Nick is irreplacable! All of them are irreplacable! I don’t think people shouldn’t have gone off they way they did on Twitter and FB. I will ALWAYS love DD as long as I live. Really hoping I get another opportunity to see them soon.

  12. i hold NO grudges. (Sorry was typing too fast)

  13. I drove 13 hours to get back to Canada and am out of pocket from the AC show but to me I made up for it by seeing old and meeting new friends who I would have never had the opportunity to meet if the show wasn’t cancelled. I work at an entertainment venue and see cancelled shows happening all the time for whatever reason. Unfortunately it happens just like in life not everything is fair and doesn’t go our way. Sadly it just happened for a show many had picked months ago when the event went on sale. To make the band members and management feel guilty for canceling a show due to an important member of the band is disgraceful. What are we two years old throwing a temper tantrum? Have to wonder if the show would have gone on with nick being that ill if fans would not have then been complaining it sounded crappy they weren’t into it etc. Heck we’re all entitled to take a rest when ill as we call into our bosses for the simplest little scratchy throat so why is this any different. I just wish some fans would grow up and not jump off the bandwagon and bash the band for something out of their control. This seems like what happened back in 2008 when fans bashed the band when the broadway strike happened which was out of their control. I was out of a show then and made my trek to NYC but was glad the band were figuring out ways to move to another venue. I just hope nick gets his health back and can manage the last few shows of this tour.

  14. ” I’ve never been so embarrassed to be a fan of this band in my life until two days ago when the backlash began.”

    This is the most embarrassed you’ve been? I remember the response when Simon lost his voice, some selfish people out there, like he’d done it purposely just to piss them off and inconvenience them. Never mind he and the whole band were worrying about whether their careers were over, on top his feeling terrible about letting everyone down when they were on such a roll.

    One would have hoped fans would have learned from the experience just how lucky we are that Duran Duran are still doing all the touring they are doing and putting out the music they put out, that they still play and sound and look amazing.

    But no, some people still believe they are the center of the universe and can’t spare any compassion for anyone else. Luckily I think most Duran Duran fans can spare some compassion and want nothing but the best for the band members and understand that sometimes things happen that can’t be helped.

  15. OK people, the man is SICK!. it pisses me off that some of these people are acting like children. if you had enough money to travel 1000 miles and or pay for vip you dont seem to be hurting fo rmoney. I owe this band my graditude and forever fandom, they brought my sister out of a coma in 1987 with a performance on soul train. I dont care if i traveled across the country if one of the guys is sick, my response is oh I hope he gets better and I will redeem my ticket at the rescheduled show. You take a huge chance traveling to a show thats not close to where you live, stop whining and get over it. Nick, I hope that you get better soon, love ya!.

  16. You’re right! I just cannot understand why those “fans” are such a sluts!
    I hope Nick will get better soon!

  17. In May 2011, my husband and I traveled all the way to London to see Duran Duran. As you all know, the show was cancelled due to Simon’s voice problems. Guess what? I was never, not once, angered or mad. Of course I was sad, but I could only imagine how terrified Simon was feeling. Crap happens. The night of the cancelled show, hubs and I took the tube out by Simon’s neighborhood and ate in one of his favorite restaurants. It wasn’t the same as seeing DD live, but we still talk about how we made the evening downright special.

  18. Get well soon Nick. Your health is more important than any show. By the way, met you and the band in Montreal when Thank You was released and you were the nicest (coming from a JT fan haha).

  19. Amazing post! KUDOS! And, after reading this, I can say that I do believe there truly are some really STUPID people out there! Like you, I feel embarrassed for the band and those of us who hope Nick gets well soon. I had hoped to be at the A.C. show and wasn’t able to swing it this time around…if I had been there, I certainly would not have carried on like a frickin 2-year-old after losing it’s favorite toy! It’s totally understandable how any illness can suddenly come on and incapacitate a person….all those complaining should be so lucky (I’m not one to wish ill will on anyone, but those who did complain….KARMA will get you!).

    • I agree! I think a TRUE FAN sticks by their band no matter what! Especially in a situation that is out of their control. Unlike other performers, that cancel shows for stupid reasons, the guys felt really bad and even refunded the money. I admire and respect them very much. And there is nothing that will make think otherwise. As I said before, I love Duran Duran and ALWAYS will! That’s what a true fan does, unconditional love!

  20. Well said!!!!!!!! Get well soon Nick!!!

  21. Very well said! Nick is an incredible artist, an excellent showman and a human being. Have any of the whiners never, ever called in sick to school or work? This is the man’s life’s passion and making the decision to cancel any show could not have been easy. Shame on everyone who is complaining. Get well soon Nick but take YOUR time and get completely healthy so we can have you all for a very long time.

  22. I loved this took the words right out of my mouth, true Duranies dont act loke that! It was upsetting not to see the in Canada but Nick’s health is more important
    Cheers from Ontario Canada

  23. Hi. Empathy and forgiving the band is ideal, but everyone is different. We should not judge others for their freedom of expression. It may have been the only thing that person had to look forward to all year and/or maybe they spent a lot of hard-earned money to see the show, book a room, travel, etc. we don’t know. One should never tweet or post FB comments whilst angry or drunk, but it happens.

    • The first person listed here had seen multiple shows and only lives about 100 miles away from the venue they were scheduled to see Duran Duran at. Tweeting something like that at the band when they are obvious feeling like shit is just fuel to the fire. It’s demotivating.

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