About. About. About. What is this website about? Why did I start it? Why did I start it knowing that I’m terrible at maintaining websites? Why did I start it knowing that I have countless remnants of past websites still floating around Cyberspace, all of which can be further explored using the Way Back Machine?

Because not since Björk has a musical act captured my imagination quite like British pop-dance-rock-funk band Duran Duran (1978 – Present).

In the meantime, aside from being an avid music fan, I am an artist. I started out as a sketch artist, but I realized over time that my talents could be better used elsewhere. Thanks to the good bastards at Adobe, the Creative Suite of digital designing programming has led me to create some artwork that I’m actually proud of. Artists are always looking to better themselves, always looking to do better than they have before. As a sketch artist, it was rare that I was ever satisfied with anything I created. Digital art has remedied that problem. I work with Adobe Photoshop CS5 on either my Macbook Pro 2011 or my Dell Mini 10v Hackintosh. There is no trickery involved with what I do. I manipulate photographs from other respected artists into something that I can hopefully claim as my own without being too much of a Lady GaGa-like copycat.

I’ve been a Duran Duran fan since I was about seven or eight. But then again, I was also seven or eight, and very few people could truly hold my attention. Basically, I liked the Rio album (who didn’t?). Years later, in college, just before a big move to Germany that lasted a glorious six months, I rediscovered this band’s music and uncovered a sprawling history that went way beyond the eighties. I learned of their line-up changes and work with producers like Nile Rodgers, who had worked with other favorites of mine like Debbie Harry and Madonna. I learned about the way they adapted their sound and the way they almost crumbled under total pressure. They were Beatles-big. Sinatra-big. And it was over sooner than they could finish performing The Reflex. But through the years, and through some miraculous rebirth and recognition of eighties-culture, Duran Duran went from a teeny-bopper band with something to prove to being one of the most respected musical acts from the days of hairspray and snake-skin skirts. They recently mixed albums with Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Danja and Mark Ronson, always staying with the current trends and turning them upside down on their heads.

Duran Duran is a force to be reckoned with. They are strong. They are creative. They are intelligent.

Duran Duran is:
Nick Rhodes
Simon LeBon
John Taylor
Andy Taylor
Roger Taylor
Sterling Campbell
Warren Cuccurullo


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